Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

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Myst By Mysticalmystery12 Updated Oct 01, 2016

Hey there! You!

You are about to have a bigger bro! Congrats! 
And not just a normal one, but one of the famous Creepypasta guys! Enjoy the tale of your childhood, teenage life, and until you grow up with your CP brother!

Siblings with a killer? This sure will be interesting...


NOTE: the pictures, characters and videos are not mine, except Myst A.K.A MoNSteR my OC. Credits to the rightful owners.

Peace Out,

- Myst

DagaAustin DagaAustin Sep 02, 2016
Sounds like me (except I play Netball which is similar to basketball)
Tomboy-for-life-06 Tomboy-for-life-06 Jul 21, 2016
The smart and good grade part isn't true but the rest is! 😆😋✌👍
                              (I Have Split Personality Disorder So This Is A My Other Part Of Personality)
YTCPandAnimerulle YTCPandAnimerulle Oct 09, 2016
This is one of the ones closer to my actual persona and the funny part is I myself am talkative and I am almost a bouncy ball of energy!
Sneklezz Sneklezz Aug 20, 2016
I'm lmao bcus my oc is Eyeless Jacks younger sister and the personality is exactly the same for me irl
DawningFlower DawningFlower 6 days ago
The definition of me right there. Except I don t think of myself as "fun".