Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

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Myst By MysticalMystery12 Updated Oct 01, 2016

Hey there! You!

You are about to have a bigger bro! Congrats! 
And not just a normal one, but one of the famous Creepypasta guys! Enjoy the tale of your childhood, teenage life, and until you grow up with your CP brother!

Siblings with a killer? This sure will be interesting...


NOTE: the pictures, characters and videos are not mine, except Myst A.K.A MoNSteR my OC. Credits to the rightful owners.

Peace Out,

- Myst

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1-800-Heichou 1-800-Heichou Sep 18, 2017
Dude lost silver is awesome 
                              Look at my username 😂
- - Sep 02, 2017
@temmitoby you're considered as my brother and my waffle bestfriend :3
stitches2346 stitches2346 Dec 22, 2017
*looks in front of me* oh thank god I thought the wall I had put up wasn't there anymore
poppiekitty poppiekitty Oct 23, 2017
Im gonna be that one little sister that acts like shes all innocent then when someone talks crap about me......imma end there lifu
QueenDragonBree QueenDragonBree Sep 28, 2017
If only in this I was older then it'd be so me XD only thing off is age >XD
LadyShadowFist LadyShadowFist Sep 19, 2017
Basketball? Im into Taekwondo and Im tryna learn volleyball.. Stutter part? Not rlly. Tomboy... Absolutely. Responsible... Not rlly... Intelligent? Kinda. Fun, sometimes? Outgoing... Im akways on my phone 24/ No...