Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

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Myst By MysticalMystery12 Updated Oct 01, 2016

Hey there! You!

You are about to have a bigger bro! Congrats! 
And not just a normal one, but one of the famous Creepypasta guys! Enjoy the tale of your childhood, teenage life, and until you grow up with your CP brother!

Siblings with a killer? This sure will be interesting...


NOTE: the pictures, characters and videos are not mine, except Myst A.K.A MoNSteR my OC. Credits to the rightful owners.

Peace Out,

- Myst

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Dude lost silver is awesome 
                              Look at my username 😂
I am 11! Almost 12! Not the point! (What the hell am I doing...?)
- - Sep 02
@temmitoby you're considered as my brother and my waffle bestfriend :3
Very creative: CHECK!
                              Flowing ideas: CHECK!
                              Best situation because brain: NOPE!
                              Really smart and intelligent: CHECK!
                              Explosive prank: NOPE!
                              Practical and simple: CHECK!
                              Perfectionist: CHECK! But if I really can't then I don't care lol.
                              STALKERRRRR. SOMEONE CALL 911 NOW!
If only in this I was older then it'd be so me XD only thing off is age >XD
Basketball? Im into Taekwondo and Im tryna learn volleyball.. Stutter part? Not rlly. Tomboy... Absolutely. Responsible... Not rlly... Intelligent? Kinda. Fun, sometimes? Outgoing... Im akways on my phone 24/ No...