Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

Creepypasta Brother Scenarios

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Myst By MysticalMystery12 Updated Oct 01, 2016

Hey there! You!

You are about to have a bigger bro! Congrats! 
And not just a normal one, but one of the famous Creepypasta guys! Enjoy the tale of your childhood, teenage life, and until you grow up with your CP brother!

Siblings with a killer? This sure will be interesting...


NOTE: the pictures, characters and videos are not mine, except Myst A.K.A MoNSteR my OC. Credits to the rightful owners.

Peace Out,

- Myst

Ok dude this is me without the hair like no joke dude r u stalking me?!?!?
- Wears glasses
                              - Usually wear long sleeves
                              - hair is in a bob cut
                              - Has short bangs
                              - Always carries or wear my headphone
                              - One hobby of mine is watching anime.
                              Author-Chan do you stalk me?
My face anime is 'BOKU NO PICO'
                              It's great, you should watch it!
jollybear10 jollybear10 Jul 14
When I think of strawberry cake i always think of Erza.😂😂😂
the skirts that are pants underneath are called skorts right?