Two Of You

Two Of You

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hannah By nightlies Updated Sep 27, 2017

(Former "Paper Cuts") 

ELLIE is bright, cheerful, a literature undergrad and a part-time employee of the Sweetbrew, the coffeeshop in the midst of Manhattan.

MILES is bleak, unmotivated, very rational with his emotions, reluctant heir of his father's respected entertainment company, regular customer of the Sweetbrew, the coffeeshop across the street.

A short note exchange between them marks the start of a weird relationship between two completely different worlds. Everything goes well until none other than Miles moves in as Ellie's new flatmate and it gets harder for Miles to keep his secret: he's suffering from dissociative identity disorder. And that's what really sets everything off.

  • acting
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  • dissociative
  • entertainment
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  • identity
  • illness
  • love
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- - Apr 23, 2016
It sounds so interesting. I love how the disorder was involved because I honestly don't know about it until I read this.
- - Apr 23, 2016
I already fell in love with this book. I hope the next chapters are as good. :) you're a very good writer.
viability viability Dec 31, 2015
you're such a good writer like the last sentence.... tHE LAST SENTENCE (i couldn't think of anything to describe it oops)
                              i'm so excited asdfghjkl
x_lucyjean x_lucyjean Dec 31, 2015
I already fell in love....only just getting over Ethan, now I have Miles to awe over!! Cant wait to read on xx
- - Dec 31, 2015
Wow. I totally fell in love with the book already. The prologue is superb so far! I love it so much!
Nau2014 Nau2014 Dec 25, 2015
Awesome! I read To Ethan and it was really beautiful. Can't wait to read next!