SasuSaku - One Shots?

SasuSaku - One Shots?

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Sarah Pepper By onceeuponalife Updated Mar 31

I am sasusaku trash and now I have decided to share this with the internet. 

The question mark in the title means that some parts will be one-shots, and others will be developed stories. 

I haven't written about this ship before - I'm trying to keep it as non-ooc as possible, and I'll only write canon-verse because non-canon-verse Sasuke tends to be completely OOC and it makes me cringe. 

Sarada will be very much included! I lover her so much you have no idea. 

Open to prompts/suggestions/requests but I can't guarantee I'll be writing all of them

Hope you enjoy!

Like i said, when saying Sakura's annoying- he means he loves her
If only Kishimoto made this the true sakura x sasuke ark on how they got to the point of having sarada(I'm legit tearing up this is sooo good!!!😩😭)
Actuuallllllyyyy...!  I'm  rereading this and first time i did was before i was even hald way through shippuden, so while i watched it, i looked at what had he fought with, and it was mosty his right...
I think your story does a great job at explaining how Sasuke fell in love with Sakura (even tho it's not cannon)
Translation from sasu-cake to english:
                              She's so annoying = i love her but i'm to chiken to admit it.
I really want to see sasuke cry, not cuz i hate him, but i want to see him show emotion you know?