SasuSaku - One Shots?

SasuSaku - One Shots?

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Sarah Pepper By onceeuponalife Updated Dec 30, 2016

I am sasusaku trash and now I have decided to share this with the internet. 

The question mark in the title means that some parts will be one-shots, and others will be developed stories. 

I haven't written about this ship before - I'm trying to keep it as non-ooc as possible, and I'll only write canon-verse because non-canon-verse Sasuke tends to be completely OOC and it makes me cringe. 

Sarada will be very much included! I lover her so much you have no idea. 

Open to prompts/suggestions/requests but I can't guarantee I'll be writing all of them

Hope you enjoy!

atsukoiya atsukoiya Feb 12, 2016
This is an amazing book. It deserves more recognition. Can I make you a cover? :D
Nichiirawberry Nichiirawberry Mar 31, 2016
A book this good should be popular. It took me a while to find another SasuSaku treasure like this!
Kit_Katzzz Kit_Katzzz Apr 08, 2016
I'm so sorry I didn't read the next chapter sooner ;-; I've been slowly catching up on updates.
                              But like everyone in the comments is say- this book definitely deserves more recognition. It's very emotional and heart felt and the details are on point. Wonderful job! ❤️
Fangirl-Reyna Fangirl-Reyna Dec 21, 2016
Shush Karin is amazing you guys just hate her because she gets in the way of Sasusaku (I SHIP Sasusaku and LOVE Karin okay)
Kit_Katzzz Kit_Katzzz Dec 26, 2015
This was great! I'm so glad you decided to make some SasuSaku content, considering you've been a reader of mine for nearly two years and I was always hoping you'd create something that was SasuSaku. Their personalities were indeed on point! Can't wait to read more ^_^