Inappropriate Desires (BoyxBoy)

Inappropriate Desires (BoyxBoy)

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Joy8ells By Joy8ells Updated Dec 16, 2016

I'd done it again, been caught staring. How could you not? The soft, fluffy, chocolate hair, perfectly straight and silky. The face structure, sculpted by angels. The dark eyes that sparkled in the light. The smile that tugged on his cheeks softly. The Godlike build that was perfectly proportioned and chiseled. All the way down past his stomach to his-!

I shot my eyes to the floor, a deep blush glowing on my cheeks as he chuckled. He caught me again, this time staring at something worse than his face. He always caught me, never said anything, just laughed or smirked whilst I blushed madly. But I always looked again, never learning my lesson.

"Erin, you okay?" Max called, already on the first step headed upstairs.

"C- coming" I turned around and followed him upstairs. Sneaking one last glance at utter perfection, meeting his eyes as he smirked. I whipped around, running after Max and praying for the earth to open up and engulf me in all my embarrassment. Why I had to have a crush on my best friend's dad, I'll never know. But I do know, it won't end well, no matter what the outcome.

BoyxBoy (gay romance)
Smut (mature themes or scenes in some chapters)
Incest (Almost none. It's not part of the main storyline, but does get brought up so be warned)

If any of the above mentioned make you uncomfortable, I would not advise you to continue. The back button is fully functional..

cessprin96 cessprin96 Apr 07, 2016
I started reading this before mirroring a mirror and i got to admit the writer is great......just wonderful, to be able to be so precise is a great talent. Keep it up. I love your stories/work.
minnie_thuglife minnie_thuglife Oct 01, 2016
After reading the other book already, I think Erin is being a freaking hypocrite
Pump_kinn Pump_kinn Nov 29, 2016
Came from Mirroring a Mirror,  gotta no why Erin acting like diss
_Drunk_In_Love_ _Drunk_In_Love_ May 09, 2016
I'm confused can someone explain who max , nye and Noah are ?
princesslala77 princesslala77 Mar 09, 2016
I love this chapter and thanks for dedicating the book to me
Ying_Yang333 Ying_Yang333 Mar 08, 2016
HE's going to have to tell Maxyy's dad about his feeling for him !!!!!!1 *squeal*