Blood Mate

Blood Mate

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kriyaaa 15 By kriyaa15 Updated Mar 26

Hello all....this is my first story...

So please support me.

I hope u all enjoy this.

Meet  Emma lavender , simple , helpful  and normal 19 years old girl. Who shifts from her place after her mother's death. She has moved to a small town  named "winter woods ".And there she find's her own destiny.

Meet Alexander black, the
 vampire prince of Black kingdom.
He doesn't know what is love and he didn't fall in love ever. He is such a  handsome guy that every girls want but he don't even look at them.
What happens when these two were destined to be a mate ???
So let's find....

atikah_99 atikah_99 Jul 11
I kind of confused in this chapter since there's no puntuation.
Try not to forget your punctuation. When a person is speaking to another they have " marks around the words. For example; "Perhaps we should turn back?" she asked nervously. See? Other wise your readers can get confused as to whom is talking and what is being said or thought. ☺
Sunntxoxo Sunntxoxo Jul 26
No proper punctuations and the dialogue speech is confusing but other than that it's good
I really like the story you wrote.... its so sad....but full of love...
What did you mean by "native" in the story? The meaning is unclear in the story.
kriyaa15 kriyaa15 Feb 27
Actually its her own town...... So that's y i mentioned it as native.