Friends » Kohnnie (COMPLETED) || #Wattys2016

Friends » Kohnnie (COMPLETED) || #Wattys2016

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I don't know if anyone is actually still active on here or not, because I haven't been on Wattpad in like 2 years, but I've decided to take down all my works. 

I'm not proud of any of them. I would joke about rape, I would romanticize mental illnesses and domestic violence, and write storylines in which you could 'magically change a straight guy's sexuality.' Even though the stories I published on here got a lot of views and have helped me make a lot of friends, I'm not going to let that be a reason for me to keep any of them up. They bring me constant shame. I feel absolutely terrible about all of it and have no idea what I was thinking. Those topics are not to be taken so lightly and in such a toxic way. I do not believe that writing about stuff like that was right, and hope you guys can forgive me for being so inconsiderate.

I have been contemplating publishing new, better stories on here that ARE boy x boy but ARE NOT Kohnnie related, but I know most of you solely followe...

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stickcheese66 stickcheese66 Jun 14, 2017
AquaSongMLP1 AquaSongMLP1 Jun 11, 2017
Johnnie, do you think he'll stay now that you said that to him????
Dead_Winter101 Dead_Winter101 Jun 30, 2017
Did Sass Queen give you sass lessons?  ' Cause OOOOOOOOOOO DAMN
Dead_Winter101 Dead_Winter101 Jun 30, 2017
                              SOO FUNNY😂😂😂😂😂
                              now get married and adopt 6669 fishies
FadedBlackHeart FadedBlackHeart May 22, 2017
Me don't know what friends is. You's boy. Me's boy. Friends? We's boyfriends, yea? ouo
Dead_Winter101 Dead_Winter101 Jun 30, 2017
I just joined this fandom two days ago, why does everyone hats Bryan? *clutches stuffie* w-why?