Naruto The Genius (Adopted)

Naruto The Genius (Adopted)

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Halloweenreaper By HalloweenReaper Updated Nov 01, 2016

This story was adopted from HoangHuynh5.

(On hiatus)

The first chapter is the compilation of the three short chapters that HoangHuynh5 wrote.

This is about Naruto acting like a dead last, a dobe, but really being smarter then even the smartest of the Nara clan.

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Yeah he accidentally ripped his eye out an implanted it into naruto, good going Ita how clumsy can your be
You need to take their eye and transplant it with yours, somehow they ignore shape and size of the eyes socket and the eye works when it shouldn’t. It nice to know that they surpassed us with very specific medical procedures that we haven’t thought of but have very little technological advances.
damustache damustache Mar 13
*yells*orochi pedo wtf is that jutsu I need it ababab ba no groping ok gimmi the jutsu and I might let you*thinking about killing him*
damustache damustache Mar 13
~Oh harder just give me the scroll after you have done ~mm harder daddy
Kappayokai Kappayokai Mar 20
So.....he licked the door? I have a very funny mental image
damustache damustache Mar 13
Ugh orochi pedo can you stop now*finaly is regretting letting him grope*~mmm i need this ~mm jutsu plz ~ahh