Against Xavier's Direction

Against Xavier's Direction

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"Do you at least know who I am?" He asked with a deadly tone.
"Except for the fact that you just helped me, nope." I replied, trying to keep my cool demeanour.
"I'm Xavier. Xavier North." He said dangerously close to my ear.
"Well then." I whispered back and added, "Nice to meet you Xavier. Xavier North." 

I carried on walking, leaving a surprised and speechless 'Xavier' behind and wondered. Was I supposed to know him?


The Soul Reapers is America's most feared gang and Xavier North just happens to be that ruthless and merciless gang leader. And then, he met her. Ava Harris. His complete opposite. She just so happens to be a normal teenage nerd girl who decided to break some rule that night. And little did she know that from that little encounter, her life could change drastically.

Ever heard of those cliché stories where opposite attracts? Yet, here she goes, against Xavier's direction.


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whhhaaattt?! the only student? wow😲 I wish I could hve one period of studying without any other students. easier for me to study in peace😂😂
Man... If that was me I would can't me heels or whatever and beat the shït out of him... Yeah
Danie_jay Danie_jay Jun 18
Did any one else just re-read this? My mind needs holy water
spoopyhaley spoopyhaley Apr 14
@peaNAD297 more people came after. She was just the first person there XD...
I love the dress but I would be terrified of someone just pulling the zipper...
EliseAarden EliseAarden Jun 04
You have to finish writing the book it was so good reading the first pages fats please omg it's so good