Against Xavier's Direction

Against Xavier's Direction

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❝Do you at least happen to know who you're addressing to?❞ He asked in a deadly tone.

❝A guy, obviously. Or, don't tell me you're from the opposite gender!❞ My eyes widened from the endless possibilities of his identity. He rolled his eyes as a way of showing how ridiculous I was being right now.

❝I'm Xavier. Xavier North.❞ He suddenly whispered, dangerously close to my ear. 

❝Well then,❞ I whispered back and added with an internal grin, ❝nice to meet you Xavier. Xavier North.❞

I carried on walking, leaving a surprised and speechless 'Xavier' behind and wondered, was I supposed to know him?


The Soul Reapers is America's most feared gang and Xavier North is that rumoured ruthless gang leader who attacks mercilessly. But then, he meets her, Ava Harris.
His complete opposite.

Ever heard of those cliché stories where opposite attracts? Yet, here she goes, against Xavier's direction.

Started editing as from 01/01/17.
Still ongoing | Updates on a weekly basis.
Amazing cover by @leaving_forever ♡
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