Kyle's Twin (South Park Boys X Male!Uke!Reader)

Kyle's Twin (South Park Boys X Male!Uke!Reader)

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Card brothers. By Thepackofcards Updated Jun 09, 2016

Kyle's p.ov.

Me, fatass, Stan and Kenny were over at my house playing guitar hero. I don't know why fatass is here. He's shit at guitar hero! We we're having a good time fatass was eating quietly, me and Stan were playing and Kenny was reading a playboy magazine. (no big surprise.)

That was until fatass had to bring up a statement that pissed me off more than usual. "I bet Kyle's adopted."" I AM NOT FATASS!" I yelled back at him." PROVE IT!" he challenged." I WILL! MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS UPSTAIRS!" I challenged back.

So that's how we ended up in the attic. After a while of searching around I finally found a box that said 'kyle' on it. Only problem was: it was too high for me to reach. So I started jumping for it hoping to knock it off. Well I did. But it landed right onto my head. 

I heard Stan yell out "Shit! It's everywhere! Did you have to jump Kyle?!" I pulled the box off my head and answered back " Yes! Otherwise I couldn't have got it down!""Well you could of just grabbed a ...

zexizeec zexizeec Mar 28, 2016
I think the*snaps fingers* oh yeah, fraternal twins! I'm a genius!