I Married My Stalker ||A Jelsa Fanfic||

I Married My Stalker ||A Jelsa Fanfic||

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〰Izzy〰 By izzy_160 Updated Aug 30

I had to choose, it was either a arranged marriage with a guy i just met or my enemy.

"I choose Jack"

Once his secret was out she asked that one question...

"Is it just obsession or do you really love me?!"

But what's the reason for everything?


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Why don't you go see who has white  hair ................................ No ok your lose
JasperOfManyFaces JasperOfManyFaces 7 days ago
Wait......how does the stalker stalk if the stalker himself is being stalked by?
rodina2000 rodina2000 Jan 11
Yes i like it so much i think her mother wants her becase of an arranged marriage right