Sex, Drugs And Disney World

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Rebekah By DudeYouStoleMyCookie Updated 9 months ago
Have you ever banged someone on a spinning teacup or got high in a Micky Mouse Suit?  Shaylee is the type of girl who does what she wants, when she wants. She's your classic badass. Her best friends and her decide to take a little trip to Disney World, only this isn't supposed to be a fairytale trip . They plan to party until they pass out and hopefully not get caught. With a little bit of sex, drugs and alcohol, their nights are going to be one big gang bang of awesome.   At least, that's what they thought.
u stole my cooke! just kidding! i love your story seriously finally a story where the main person is not shy and a nerd finally a cool badass! and the jokes are hilarious xD i reaaly really love it xD
Oh god this is HILARIOUS!! Finally someone who rights about what teenagers ACTUALLY do at parties and out with friends XD you are a awesome writer BTW!!!!
heh....hehehehehehehehehehehe...gosh I sound like a perv but hahahahaahahahaha ;P
@DudeYouStoleMyCookie no problem:) i'll be waiting patiently for the update;D
oh my god dude this is fecking hilarious:L cant wait for the next update:L I LOOOOVE this so much already and it only has one chapter:L honest to god I loled at the last part, reminded me of 21 jump street:L
Yes ! It's finally up and it is sooo good I cant wait till chapter two ;o