I can art book 2 [COMPLETED]

I can art book 2 [COMPLETED]

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Fruki By ilove_kookie0826 Completed

Hallu!!! I see you've stumbled on my second art book!!!


But anyway....

All art here belongs to me, even the cover so NO PLAGIARISM PLEASE. I work hard and spend a lot of time on every drawing i draw, please try to respect me as an artist and my art, thank you!

That's all! 

You can open the book now XD

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ThePlantLover ThePlantLover Dec 29, 2015
An idea I had is an art trade. You draw something for them and you do their request in return
MamaCheesecake MamaCheesecake Dec 28, 2015
That sounds like a great system! It will help make the request worth your time, and it'll keep the "request-and-run" people from, well, requesting and running. You're a person, after all, not a robot! And a person with talents such as yourself deserves something for everything they've done. ^-^
SagiCorn_Artists SagiCorn_Artists Dec 28, 2015
Of course! People must understand that it's very infuriating when someone requests something and just disappears off. It's like we wasted all our efforts. I'm glad other artists understand us(^^)
ThatAwesomeCookie ThatAwesomeCookie Dec 28, 2015
Oh really? (You might be wondering why I took long to comment this xD)
iVesper iVesper Dec 28, 2015
Yey the second book! I was waiting for this :3 Can't wait to see more of your awesome art!