Jack Frost » Allison Argent

Jack Frost » Allison Argent

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joss By zachcallisons Updated Aug 02

❝So you think it's just a coincidence that your name happens to be Jack Frost and you're able to create snow?❞

❝It's that or believing that I'm actually the guy in old literature.❞

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Jack Frost is like, my fantasy crush! And Lucky Blue is INCREDIBLY hot, so I know I'm definitely going to love this book. ;)
I don't think anyone understands how ready I am for this story 😍😍
everyone's like "ah!!" while i'm thinking about that video where the giraffe was licking and sucking on a pole. i'm terrible 💀
-calamity -calamity May 18
Ice hockey, Minnesota and house solding reminds me of Inside Out lol
*explosion* Did you hear that sound........
                              That was my ovaries
Mom has  brown hair 
                              Dad has brown 
                              Baby has red hair 
                              Who's the father?
                              The mail man did it😂😂