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Christine Owen By Christine_Owen Completed

It was just a nickname, to make fun. I was a gangly youth, tall and bony, with huge hands and feet that took me years to get used to. My eyes - too wide-set, my chin too pronounced. And I was skinny, shaped like a tall limp rectangle without any curves. But over time I grew into my awkward features, and when I developed into a young woman, suddenly my childhood name was strangely fitting:


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KaraMichelleBooks KaraMichelleBooks Jul 01, 2016
I lalalalalalove classic story re-tellings!! And this one has already pulled me in.
gaabrielamz gaabrielamz Oct 07, 2016
The fact that gaston didn't crossed my mind is preoccupying....
AHBaig AHBaig Aug 26, 2016
I love a good ol' fairy tale retelling, brings back memories :D
                              I like your writing style. It's simple, but in many places your descriptions made me want to take notes.
writervid writervid Jul 24, 2016
This was a great first chapter, with lovely descriptions. I loved how the meaning of her name evolved over time. :)
This is set in a more modern time, I presume. Modern day setting or not, it's an awesome read so far!
SamSquid SamSquid Jan 24
It's almost as annoying as when someone doesn't close the door when they leave your room.