A Love Like War (completed)

A Love Like War (completed)

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• • • By YunqCraze Completed

(studxstud) ❤️ RETRY for Big Fat Bully: 

"I never planned to fall for her..."
"I'm supposed to hate her!"

Remy's journey begins...

She gets into a conflict on her first day at school with one of the school's most popular students, Chance Collins. 

Not knowing that this female was a former notorious gang member!  

Chance views Remy as any other stud. Until, that slowly but surely starts to change. 

Feelings slowly start to arise... 
And, they may not be one-sided...

Chance is willing to put her life on the line, when she falls in love with Remy Golden. Being dragged back into a gang, she must protect Remy from her rivals. Even if it means breaking her own heart...

I said you can catch these hands my guy. Come on I'll stomp you with my Timbs bitch 😘
Don't be sleep on short people. She could punch you in your knee caps 💀
Girl this is meeee. My edges make me late cause it ion lay em I feel naked 💀
^ swear it don't I could count to 100 and still get up and just across a table on a bitch 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄
I hate people like that like DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT ASK ME A DAMN QUESTION
Naw you made alot off associates. Every is not your friend cuz anyone can stab you in the back these days. Even the closest ones