Kinky Fairy Tail Lemons

Kinky Fairy Tail Lemons

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TheCountyass By kalliyah12345 Updated Apr 15

I like kinky shit.

I like lemons.

I like Fairy tail.


ALL SHIPS OF FT R WELCOME HERE GURL. Even if I don't ship it. But lowkey please don't request no crazy shit like incest, or some pedophile mess. (Looks at Wendy x Natsu shippers...)

SystLover SystLover Feb 21
Wait.... so then...... can you...... p-please do *blushes* sting x minerva
Ew. Gross, NaLi and GrayLu....Lemme go wash my eyes out.:
-Shipping_Demon- -Shipping_Demon- 6 days ago
It's her book isn't it? Why can't people accept that other people have other opinions... It's a free world. And everyone has their rights. At least try respecting other people's opinions. I ship NaLu and Gruvia, but I don't mind people who ship NaLi and GrayLu.
I ship NaLi(they're cute together) and GrayLu(recently,about a year),but BÆ NO. GruVia and NaLu are life!
Put some respect on 🍋 put some respect on 🍋*dabs twice*
Walkerishly Walkerishly Feb 21
When I saw this I was like "I'm not hor--" catching myself before I said. I  forgot i was by my dad 😂