Kinky Fairy Tail Lemons

Kinky Fairy Tail Lemons

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TheCountyass By pettysupreme Updated Apr 15, 2016

I like kinky shit.

I like lemons.

I like Fairy tail.


ALL SHIPS OF FT R WELCOME HERE GURL. Even if I don't ship it. But lowkey please don't request no crazy shit like incest, or some pedophile mess. (Looks at Wendy x Natsu shippers...)

You know there is something I just love about lemons everyone has magic panties and boxers that just disappear when needed to
Doelii Doelii Jul 03
Wait....If shes still a virgin (maybe?) Could taht have just broken her hymen if she hasn't already accidentally broken it? (Yes your hymen can break without sex its a weird occurrence to)
Andrea_ChanNalu Andrea_ChanNalu Jul 27, 2016
Me and my cousin were taking turns to read t wrong choice cuz he a boy XD and he still got the Popsicle joke
M0USEM0N M0USEM0N Feb 21, 2016
Wait.... so then...... can you...... p-please do *blushes* sting x minerva
chimushea- chimushea- Nov 07, 2016
Ew. Gross, NaLi and GrayLu....Lemme go wash my eyes out.:
ashanticolestall88 ashanticolestall88 Aug 14, 2016
W.t f. Did I just read!? My innocence is gone😭! 
                              Pfft my once innocent mind has BEEN gone😂! So I'm keep reading these...