Fuentes or Sykes? (Pierce The Veil/Bring Me The Horizon) *COMPLETED*

Fuentes or Sykes? (Pierce The Veil/Bring Me The Horizon) *COMPLETED*

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Beth Robinson By mediagirl94 Completed


Horizon, the adopted little sister of the Fuentes brothers wonders why her family gave her up...
Vic & Mike know the truth about Horizon's birth family but fear they'll lose her once she knows...
Oliver Sykes always dreamed of meeting his sister again one day, he even named his band after her...

One Summer on Warped Tour test the bonds of family, and just how far they'd go to protect their little sister. Will Horizon be a Fuentes or a Sykes? Or will she go back to her destructive lifestyle?

*already read this story once and squeaks results to mom calling out my name*
Everytime I read this I laugh because I know it's named after what Jack Sparrow said at the end of the Pirates Of The Carribean movie 
                              Jack Sparrow: "Bring me the horizon"
                              Oli: "We will"