Teen wolf Imagines (Smut)

Teen wolf Imagines (Smut)

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KaileyChiiief By KaileyChiief Updated Jul 10

These include;

Matt Daehler (Cause he's attractive)
Scott McCall
Stiles Stilinski
Isaac Lahey
Derek Hale (even the young Derek hale)
Peter Hale
Aiden (whatever his last name is)
Ethan (yes, their will be gay people in here too!)
Liam Dunbar
Jackson Whittemore 
Theo Raeken
Chris Argent
Nolan Holloway
Malia Tate (Yes, I'll be doing lesbian kind too, you can comment if you want one of the other girls like Lydia, Kira or Hayden smut) 

They are probably gonna be smut, cause I'm dirty. And violence, lots of violent smut (probably just with Peter), and others...

Comment if you want an imagine with one of them and you'll surely get it... It can be smutty or just fluffy... Just to warn you, I'm bad at fluff and very good at smut...

hard-headed hard-headed May 07
5'2 my guy friends call me a midget even though there are people shorter than me 😭
Well and here you are, weiting a smut fanfic about an actor thats ( probably) twice the age as you and doesnt know of your existence...
I'm an inch shorter than Lydia but in those pumps she's probably like six Inches taller 😭