Jerk | A Sirius Black love story {UNDER EDITING}

Jerk | A Sirius Black love story {UNDER EDITING}

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"Doll face."




"Honey bunches."


"Complete bundle of joy."
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alexandra Williams was basically the number one target for the Marauders. She was bullied by them since the first day she went to Hogwarts. But what happens when she starts falling for the one who bullies her the most, Sirius Black? Will he find out, or will it remain a secret?

Why would she keep introducing herself as 'Alexandra' if she hates the name? That's my name too and I just introduce myself as 'Alex'.
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I made it through that whole horrid thing like omg I will call someone Ebony Darnes Raven Dementa way whatever as a frickin insult
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Jumped ... ahahh ... got in the shower and the blood starts pumpin , out on the streets the traffic starts jumpin
My used brother as a example not to at sixteen he got a girl pregnant
I just noticed the names are Andrew and Catherine.  Have ever read the Pennelope Jone series if so thats her parents name also!😁
Basically, what high school is like. But there's wizards instead. 😓