jerk ☾s.b.

jerk ☾s.b.

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"Doll face."




"Honey bunches."


"Complete bundle of joy."
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Alexandra Williams was basically the number one target for the Marauders. She was bullied by them since the first day she went to Hogwarts. But what happens when she starts falling for the one who bullies her the most, Sirius Black? Will he find out, or will it remain a secret?

{DISCLAIMER: all rights go to JK Rowling as she is the author of the Harry Potter series, my only rights are the characters I own.}

ItsLisAnna ItsLisAnna Jul 10
look I'm sorry but her dad doesn't seem that bad?? he seems like any other overprotective dad
I dont like them innocent 
                              I dont like them face fresh
                              Wearing black leather jacket
                              Let me be your taste test
                              I like them sad eyes bad guys
                              Mouth full of white lies
                              Kiss me at the corridor
                              But be quick to tell me goodbye
The appropriate song would be "when I wake up in the morning....raise my head, I'm still yawning..." 😂😂😂✌
Griffindor!!!!! Yeah!!!! Stereotypical lions are the best!!!!
peter pussy pettigrew is a snivelling winge bag how could anyone be bullied by him
Not to offend you or anything , but don't you think you over did it?