Just A Click Away (Riren)

Just A Click Away (Riren)

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Ereri/Riren By Ereri104 Updated Jul 12

Eren Jaeger has been in many different relationships, but he has yet to find his perfect match. One day, Eren stumbles upon a dating simulator app and almost immediately gets paired up with a hot, raven haired colored man. 

Based on the app Tinder! 

{Updates are random at this point}

Author, you clearly like all the ships I like. This moment in time. I will forever accept you as a friend.
kiakia120 kiakia120 Jul 12
My mind telling me nooooo but my body! My body is telling me to KILL A HORSE NAMED JEAN
You can use the website or app called tagged its simillar to what the author was describing about you tapp x if you dont want him/her them check if you like
Mugirmuo Mugirmuo May 25
I... I don't ship JeanxArmin, I ship JeanMarco, but... how dare anyone break his precious heart..!
I do that when I'm in the car, I'll say green light whenever the light turns green and people hate me for it 😂
Mugirmuo Mugirmuo May 25
My best friend's boyfriend cheated on him last year. I almost broke that b!tch's arm