Ladybug & Cat Noir Identity Revealed {EDITING IN PROGRESS}

Ladybug & Cat Noir Identity Revealed {EDITING IN PROGRESS}

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Heida Al-Ameedi By miraculous_clips Completed

A story about Ladybug, and Cat Noir. What will happen when they find out each other's secrets?

What would happen when a special somebody becomes akumatized?


kaiyarose_ kaiyarose_ Jul 18
Lol it would be so purfect if you used the poem she responded to: Your hair shines like the sun, your eyes are gorgeous green, I look at you and wonder your innermost thoughts and dreams, yes your valentine I will be our love will be so true, together for eternity my heart belongs to you ❤️
Are you literally just going to state facts about his face or what?
I just had a small moment.. where I imagined him jumping around like a fangirl.. and squealing.. my jesus..
You know what I just realized- when Marionette is nervous she'll form random words put together while I'm over here not making any sense;
                              Me: Cokdlskflglals?!
                              Crush: Uhhh... what?
                              Me: Sorry, I speak in hieroglyphics.
Gay much? (I have nothing against gay peeps, yall my homies)
Are we gonna have a problem?
                              You got a bone to pick?
                              You've come so far
                              Why now are you pulling on my dìck?
                              I'd normally slap your face off
                              And everyone here could watch
                              But I'm being nice
                              Here's some advice
                              Listen up be-arch.
                              KISS HER AGAIN !!!!