Only If You Knew... C.D little sister S.M Fan-Fic

Only If You Knew... C.D little sister S.M Fan-Fic

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Selena Elizabeth Grace Dallas is the younger sister Of Cameron Alexander Dallas. Although,she has never met him, Let alone know he was her brother. Selena is A Youtuber/Viner, so is her brother. what happened when they are told they have to go on the same Meet and greet tour called "Youtube's Mix." 

Will they get along? Will cameron b.e too over protective? Can they handle being siblings? Will Selena Fall in love with one of his friends? Or will she wish she had never met him? 

Find out when you read: ONLY IF YOU KNEW...

(C.D=Cameron Dallas FanFic) 
(S.M= Shawn Mendes FanFic)

Thanks for reading! Xx

Omg her name is Selena😂and my name is Selena too😂😂😂
oh and what do you mean When you nod your head yes but you wanna say no XD
Wait if she is a model and she likes Taco Bell? 
                              Last time I checked that doesn't end up well XD
Omfg is this legit me I'm 13 but my birthday is August 16th and I'm my name is Selena
Vanilla bean frappe is literally my fav thing from Starbucks. Especially if I add 3 pumps of caramel
milou101 milou101 Jul 11, 2016
How come like in every fanfic for like 6 hour  plane rides people can fall asleep I can't even fall asleep on a 12 hour plane rid