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The Kings Luna

The Kings Luna

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IZZY By Young-Queen_Izzy Completed

Highest ranked: #1 in werewolf 07/14/2016 
                        The large door was closed and he turned to face me.  He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. I couldn't help but let my eye's wander. He was incredibly built. 
         Chest muscles bulging and his biceps balls of strength. His long legs were swelling with muscle.
                         He looked like a perfect greek statue. No he was a perfect greek god.
                         He turned to me and growled 
                        ❝Mate❞ The word left our lips in unison without even the siltiest amount of effort.
                        ❝Aenean semper maxime pulchra sis muller aspexerant.❞ He spoke in an unfamiliar yet beautiful language. He kissed my hand and caressed my face. 
                        ❝Want does that mean?❞ He chuckled loudly filling the room with his sexy raspy voice.
                        ❝You are the most beautiful woman I've ever laid eyes on.❞ 
                        ❝What is your name my love?❞
                        ❝Bianca North.❞ I spoke proudly.
                        ❝Not for long.❞ He smirked
                        Well damn. What have I gotten my self into this time?
                        Amazing cover by @INNOCENT9146

AmaryReader AmaryReader 3 days ago
Hmmmm um I kinda liked the unedited first version better.. 😞
cass_gour cass_gour 6 days ago
"okay I'll become friends with Satan so that when you get to hell your gonna burn in fvcking misery."
Erens_Bxtch5SOS Erens_Bxtch5SOS 4 days ago
April showers bring May flowers. Tell April to shower so May can bring flowers.
Craving-You Craving-You Feb 14
Reminds me of Criminals Minds and the case Gideon was working on😂
Oh god I feel your pain my dad hid all the pop tarts and I'm dying 😭😭😭
That's his business its not like he's rapping them or he would be in jail