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Forever Daddy's baby boy

Forever Daddy's baby boy

94.6K Reads 3.4K Votes 25 Part Story
watchingwords By watchingwords Completed

Little Connor has now grown up and is in  high school with his Mate Liam and best friend Leo and his mate Isaac.  Connor is being influenced by Liam into trouble making and his dad's aren't happy about it. Follow Connor and Liam as they  go through their love story with laughs arguments and lots of trouble making

JdogJ3T JdogJ3T Dec 31, 2016
So how did they "grow up" did their dads just decide one day "you're teens now"
yaoipunk yaoipunk Feb 09, 2016
Wait hold on......let me get this straight so his has three dads right
Master_eve Master_eve Feb 20, 2016
Why the fûck you lying why you always lying mmmmmmmohmygod stop fûcking lying
Maximaxi101 Maximaxi101 Nov 16, 2016
"told" past tense, "going to have to" present tense. Also, some more commas and overall punctuation wouldn't hurt. I like the story so far! I can see how there could be drama developing and such. Good job! Can't wait to read more!
IAmCandi IAmCandi Feb 19, 2016
so no ageplay in this book? theatre back to being regular teens? (just asking for clarification)
_OhMyGaskarth_ _OhMyGaskarth_ Dec 25, 2015
OOHHH MY GOOOOODDD!!!! Please update in a couple of days!!!! Pleaseeeee?!?????