To Love Beau (BWWM)

To Love Beau (BWWM)

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Lordess Of Ethelia ♡ By SincerestYellowPaint Updated Dec 04, 2017

Book II

In Ethelia there had once been seven beasts, some had evolved to become close to human, while others, had bonded with another. The highest was Inkard McThrill, The Keeper of Aleria, the Ethelian hell, a ruthless killer that would slay anything and anyone that dared to harm his mate and their family.

The second, was Beaurington Knox VI, The Keeper of Nyaai, the Ethelian Cript of souls, this was where souls went when they died and had no judgement from either Coelum or Aleria, he chose to give them the choice of rebirth or to be damned to wander as, a testament of their sins, only he knew the whereabouts of the Soul God, Jerare. 

To this day, no one has ever seen his true form and lived to tell the tale, he resides among the humans, like Ink, but his tale, is different.

What is there to say, what more can I say?

If scribes have said barely anything. Books having the most fiercest demons, do not speak of him, neither do the scribes of  Holy Beings, but I found him and may the Dear Lordess forgive me and my soul, for loving The Tainted.

And me? Who am I? 

Call me, Samil.


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sweettomyheart sweettomyheart Oct 30, 2016
I have a few questions and wondering a few things , I'm going to keep reading it may get answered