Avengers Imagines

Avengers Imagines

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ter By -frankcastle Updated Aug 05, 2016

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- Bruce Banner
- Bucky Barnes
- Clint Barton
- Loki Laufeyson
- Natasha Romanoff
- Peggy Carter
- Peter Parker
- Pietro Maximoff
- Sam Wilson
- Scott Lang
- Steve Rogers
- T'Challa Udaku
- Thor Odinson
- Tony Stark
- Wanda Maximoff

Started: January 3th, 2016.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel characters.

HeyoItsJosie HeyoItsJosie Aug 19, 2016
Tony the fandom has decided to officaly change everything,for you, from Stark to Stank.
Pandalion23 Pandalion23 Oct 18, 2016
Nooooooo! His innocence will be gone for ever! Curse u iron lightyear!
marvelfanatics marvelfanatics Aug 26, 2016
tony the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, matchmaker