silence  [a maze runner fanfic]

silence [a maze runner fanfic]

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she's the only girl in the glade,
the fifth person to come up in the box,
but she hasn't spoken a word since she got there.

book 1

I do not own the maze runner,
all rights go to James dashner,
I only own Amelia.

book 2 (broken silence) is now up.

Thank god I'm not the only one who thought that.  When I watched the movie I just laughed so hard at his eyebrows and then I had a mini death from suffocation.
4o17o14 4o17o14 Jul 18
Honestly if I was in the maze, I would be like "what the fùcks a glade. What's a greenie. What happened. Give me a knife. Give me a stick" Starts making a spear then puts it to the side. Makes another one then puts it to the side. Finally talks again. "Sooooo. Do you guys like camp out here a lot?"
RIPmasonVA RIPmasonVA Feb 27
This has the same title as my favourite book, Silence by Natasha Preston
-DanielsLlama -DanielsLlama Aug 04, 2016
Those eyebrows are birds they fly off his face when he is sleeping
NoTamers NoTamers Nov 17, 2016
Those eyebrows are the majestic wings of a extinct Gally unicorn 
                              He's the only that remains but it seems his wings have been locked onto his face
trinnymoo trinnymoo Jan 08, 2016
Nice!! Loving it. It's very unique how you make it into a poem like style <3