devil in my arms ➳ zarry au

devil in my arms ➳ zarry au

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「floyd」 By sixtrash Updated Aug 13, 2016

"I will hurt you, angel." Zayn grits his teeth as my nails dig into his back.
but I don't want gentle. I want to be corrupted. I want to be tainted with lust.
with our sin.
as our bodies move in synchrony, I know that I'm falling deeper and deeper for him.
and I don't know how to stop it."

a love story could begin anywhere, but for me, it started with lust.

i don't own the story, just my characters.

rainfallharry rainfallharry Jun 04, 2016
U was right about to say the comment below but then it's a au so
taibaStylinson taibaStylinson May 21, 2016
Third of all Zayn is going to fuk your Liitle hole so be ready.
bestpublic bestpublic Dec 31, 2016
When Larry haunts you no matter what. I just woke up from a dream involved Larry 🌚
taibaStylinson taibaStylinson May 21, 2016
Second Of all No haz you are in love with Louis so shut the fuk up yeah?
rose_luna257 rose_luna257 Jul 02, 2016
Blue eyes in fanfiction is sort of like the same problem as blue eyed edits of zayn..
Normaliker Normaliker Dec 31, 2016
Blue eyes ? Bish I'm done. Are you whitewashing Z for this nah