Jealous Of Percy Jackson (On Hold)

Jealous Of Percy Jackson (On Hold)

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full time multifandom fangirl By missmysterious56 Updated Nov 27

This a remake of Mark of Athena

Jason has prepared to meet the almighty Percy Jackson. He doesn't see why everyone adores him so much he is the son of the almighty Jupiter and he is the son of the wimpy Poseidon. The only thing he believes is worth Jackson is he is able to control Annabeth's temper. 

So so so sorry I have to put this on hold I am so busy

Disclaimer: I don't own the book Mark of Athena or any of the characters (except if I add an oc)

WTF Jason!?! You will never be as hot, powerful and loyal as he is!!! You're the loser here!!!
*dramatic gasp*
                              Who is that?!
                              Well, my! I believe we are in the presence of Neptune! 
                              *raises hand to forehead dramatically*
                              Sorry, I had to 😂😂
Do wut if u hate Jason? After all, Jason IS a stuck up bratty jerk
I know you said to not get offended.
                              But man!
                              I'm getting mad!
Go Person! Go Jercy! Go go go go Bromance! *waves pompoms* *does cheer routine* *falls flat on face*
Hey guys I'm working on the next chapter just comment suggestions