Pity [ a modern SebaCiel ]

Pity [ a modern SebaCiel ]

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... By iooffline Updated Jul 30, 2016

- tbh its just another sebaciel school story but who doesn't love them. i'll probably add plot twists + stuff like that so ayye -

Ciel Phantomhive on the outside is considered a loser and a nerd by his peers and is often bullied, quiet cruelly at times by them. On the inside he is a hardworking teen who suffers from a horrid past. He resides at an orphanage in London.

Sebastian Michaelis on the outside is of higher standing in school than Ciel with basically all the girls and even guys swooning at his feet. On the inside, he's a demon and has his sights set on one soul in particular and it's none other than Ciel's.

Ciel is strong but if you buy a bunch of groceries and try and carry all the heaviest ones by yourself at once, you'll need some help sooner or later.

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Actually not even 5ft2....people say that to make me feel better but in reality I’m almost 5’1”
Sigh... Im 16 and 5'0... I feel your pain but worst ciel 😩
Rumpitur Rumpitur Mar 09
I hate everyone above... I’m 14 & 5’4 maybe even 5’3...
"Not special" ?!...
                              Boy, your Soul can make a demon craving for it, torturing and starving himself only to eat it...
I’m sorry but what’s good will? Is it like a charity shop or something?
                              Sorry this is so late
owlfreak88 owlfreak88 Aug 24
Might as well...but this 1 thing might trigger extremely good vibes or extremely bad vibes...ok ima continue