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AMY By ArMY_bts07 Completed

"V ahh, she is your soon to be wife."-omma.

"WHAT??! MARRY HIM/HER?."-Hyera & Taehyung.

Something unwanted happened, lead a beautiful girl to cover her beautiness and become a nerdy in her school. Being a nerdy is not as easy as she thought but for her, being heartbroken is way painful than being bully.She had rather being hurt than let the 'history' to repeat again.


A heartless and jerk guy with his members always bully a person who assumed to be a nerdy. For them,it was a fun game to gain respect and money even though they all come from a rich family.

So, what happened if one of the BULLY happens to marry a NERDY? Will her life become miserable? Will they accept the fact that they're a husband and wife? 


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I get annoying by these "appa" and stuff like its weird reading a story in english and having some romanization like saying "dad " is better
Don’t mind me! I’m just gonna... mentally scream for a minute or two. 😅
Man your ass you’re hardly 20 in the story and even in real life ur 20+ and act like a 5 year okd
myHeartuu myHeartuu Jan 25
i swear when my mom points at a guy she says "handsome" but when i look at him he's ugly asf. me and mom have different taste
nadzza9897 nadzza9897 Feb 26
Wow what a nice way to wake up..I get the blanket torn off me and I somehow get dragged on to the floor 😂😂
jeonlanes jeonlanes Feb 23
Well! When i read the word jamless boy i thought of jimin so i guess thats jimin!