Suffering In Love (Ayato X Yui)

Suffering In Love (Ayato X Yui)

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Senpai_XD By Minako222 Completed

After Ayato and Yui finally decide to get married, the other sakamaki brothers get another sacrificial bride for themselves, Amaya Komori. but it turns out that she is Yui's little sister. 

Letting her stay, soon enough their father Seiji Komori comes by to take Yui and Amaya with him back to the church. Finding out about the marriage, he disapproves and takes the decision to get Yui married into the Tsukino family, to Naoki Tsukino. 

Will Ayato and Yui get through this? 

Or will their love die?

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Magus-Zero Magus-Zero Jun 18, 2016
Excuse me, its Laito(march 20) Kanato (march21) Ayato (march22)
Magus-Zero Magus-Zero Jun 18, 2016
Though I ship her and Shu, IG that's why in my DL books they randomly shipped to me as SHui
Kirausagni Kirausagni Oct 29, 2016
Don't they go to school at 10? Like, school for them is at night