Laurance x Reader

Laurance x Reader

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Music~chan By MusicnNote Updated Feb 25

(Y/N)'s a new student in Phoenix Drop High.

She met wonderful friends, maybe even a boyfriend.

(Y/n) is a sweet girl who met a wonderful, rich, cute, gentleman, sweet-and it keeps going on-boy.

Check out what happens!

RianjusssX RianjusssX Sep 01
If school starts is this my schedule for Tuesday (yes I start on Tuesday. 
                              1st class- nothing
                              2nd class- homeroom
                              3rd class- economy
                              4th class- German
                              5th class- math
                              6th class- English
                              7th class- nothing
                              8th class- nothing
                              I live in holland so school works a bit different.
This is not me, usually Laurance is the one to do that, NOT ME! Also, bruh, ITS ONLY THE FRIKIN FIRST DAY!
~Mine is way different~
                              1st- Chorus/Study Hall
                              2nd- Social Studies
                              3rd- 1st Semester Computers/2nd Semester-Gym
                              4th- Reading
                              5th- Language Arts
                              6th- Advanced Math
                              7th- 1st Semester- Study Skills/2nd Semester- Music
                              8th- Science
I feel like some of the grammer things are gonna annoy me like how you say i not I.. And how you don't have caps after a fullstop (sometimes) Oh well..
I'm sorry but if ur going to Phoenix drop high u ware a uniform not normal clothes to school
I fell like laurance made all of this happen and knew we were going to get together lol