Laurance x Reader

Laurance x Reader

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Music~chan By MusicnNote Updated Feb 25, 2017

(Y/N)'s a new student in Phoenix Drop High.

She met wonderful friends, maybe even a boyfriend.

(Y/n) is a sweet girl who met a wonderful, rich, cute, gentleman, sweet-and it keeps going on-boy.

Check out what happens!

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RianjusssX RianjusssX Sep 01, 2017
If school starts is this my schedule for Tuesday (yes I start on Tuesday. 
                              1st class- nothing
                              2nd class- homeroom
                              3rd class- economy
                              4th class- German
                              5th class- math
                              6th class- English
                              7th class- nothing
                              8th class- nothing
                              I live in holland so school works a bit different.
acer_loves_england acer_loves_england Sep 29, 2017
                              3:Social Studies
                              4:English(yes I meant to say 4th)
prettykitty5289 prettykitty5289 Dec 28, 2017
I was great at math until they mixed the £ |_| |< ¡ n g alphabet with it!
AmyWritezRandomz AmyWritezRandomz Jun 28, 2017
This is not me, usually Laurance is the one to do that, NOT ME! Also, bruh, ITS ONLY THE FRIKIN FIRST DAY!
BlehBlooBah BlehBlooBah Nov 14, 2017
I like meth, Lol, K just realized that's a drug, this is what I get for trying to be funny..
AshLovesKooki AshLovesKooki Dec 20, 2017
Lol I only have 4 classes in my highschool (its the blocked schedule when you have 8 classes but 4 classes a semester)