Love is In The Air (BOOK 2)

Love is In The Air (BOOK 2)

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Baileys pov 

*the next day*

So today I had plans with Gabe but I decided to invite Kenneth to see if he was available.

To:Kenny ❤️
Hey Kenneth! So I was wondering if you'd like to come hang with me and gabe today? Txt me when you have an answer!

I waited for a while but then I heard a ring from my phone.

Sorry Bailey but I can't I'm hanging with Tati today😊 love ya!

When did Kenneth all of the sudden want to hang out with Tati more then me? Eh whatever...I forget about it then go get dressed. I woke up pretty early today.. It was 8:46. I was getting ready to go take a shower when I got another text message but it wasn't from Kenneth. It was from Gabe.

Hey Bailey! So I was wondering if I can pick you up at 10:30? Can't wait to hang with you 😜
From:Gabbers 😎

Just enough time to get ready!

Sure!! Can't wait to hang with you too!!

 I get in my shower was everything then got out to dry off. I dried my hair ...

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