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in which michael hides his demons with fake smiles, and tumblr sweaters.

| lowercase intended |

| girly!michael |

| started 12-29-15 |

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Or maybe going on a road trip together to go catch pokemon, because you know. You gotta catch em all.
i thought that said "five nights" and i almost commented "at freddys" ..
Ok am I the only one confused? I thought this was in mikeys pov 😕
Ok when I was in graphic design last year I had a nice teacher but she'd never leave us alone. and she'd always tell us we had to get work done yet wouldn't give us the time to do it bc she had so many presentations and ugh
KimCazarez KimCazarez Jul 27
see hun this where you unlike and like their most recent picture. That way they see a notification still and its not weird af
calcalcalum calcalcalum May 10
once you like an old photo there's nothing left to do but follow them to try and cover it up lmao