Demons ☆ Malum

Demons ☆ Malum

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meg :') By metaphoricalmuke Completed

in which michael hides his demons with fake smiles, and tumblr sweaters.

| lowercase intended |

| girly!michael |

| started 12-29-15 |

copyright @ hoodisfire

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waterpakrs waterpakrs Aug 04
i don't know about you guys but i read "i only seem yo wonder what he'd look like beneath" and i was like "HELYE HELL TO THE FUK YE DAZ SUM SMEXY SHIZZLE THERE"
makebelieveash makebelieveash Sep 14, 2016
Ok am I the only one confused? I thought this was in mikeys pov 😕
KimCazarez KimCazarez Jul 27, 2016
see hun this where you unlike and like their most recent picture. That way they see a notification still and its not weird af
my teacher once told me to move beside michael and i was like "clifford?" and she just looked at me like i was in drugs.
JenBug02 JenBug02 Dec 10, 2016
I did that once and liked a really old photo. I just followed them and commented "yea, I stalked your profile. I'm sorry." Bam. That's how I met my best friend