Unloved Forever

Unloved Forever

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GRYFFINDOR ANGEL By Peoniesrawesome Completed

Highest Rank as of 10th August 2016: #5 in romance

He's a monster. And he hated her with all his passion. She was just a replacement. 

He never wanted her. She was mad out of love for him. He had someone else. She pictured herself with him every day. 

Most of all, Damian was her husband and Elena was his unwanted wife.

All Elena wanted was a little love, care and affection from her husband. But he refuses to acknowledge her. 

She learns that making someone love you is next to impossible if they don't replicate your feelings. 

But she won't go down without a fight. 

After all, being unloved since forever makes you so desperate.

Cover by : @ilovepizaaaa

OMGGGGGG THAT IS SO MEANNN LIKE DANG!  His words hurt me and I didn't even know the guy like shi^t
OK good story it's just that you said kiss each other instead of kiss the bride that bothered me
JaneNyanCat JaneNyanCat Jul 23
And I thought having somebody empty your box of pizza was horrible enough
It's sad that she wanted him to come back even after the "bet".
Lovely way to get the readers to already start hating on the main characters husband xDD
I don't care what anyone says about him, but what type of sh*t for a man hurts a woman?