Matches: Why We Burned Out

Matches: Why We Burned Out

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Matches: Why We Burned Out // SHORT STORY (20 CHAPTERS) // QUICK UPDATES

He lights another match and waits for it to burn down a little. "This is the perfect match. It's doing great, right? Burning and stuff. It's wonderful. But even the perfect match," he waits for the fire to consume the wood completely and disappear into ashes, "has to burn out. I think that works with people too. There's always going to be one day where things just stop functioning, and there's nothing we can do about it. And it's nobody's fault but time's. We were the perfect match. We didn't have the perfect timing."


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-Fernwxh -Fernwxh Aug 14, 2016
Lol, he obviously didn't want to be bothered. She kept talking to him, though. Poor her. She can't take a hint.
MeganHites MeganHites Mar 14, 2016
I really like Romeo! This is a strong intro :) I like how they met and he seems so interesting
- - Mar 15, 2016
I understand that Romeo is meant to be an introverted character. Perhaps that will be the process of the plot, him gradually leaving his comfort zone. I look forward to seeing how things progress. Some more context in this chapter would have been good.
maybethea maybethea Feb 28, 2016
I honestly really liked the prologue XD I mean,  books which usually start with dialogue sucks me in so quickly :)
deepsealife deepsealife Mar 14, 2016
I like the stand-offish nature! 
                              I would love it if you could add more conversation, though. Buy Mia is really so adorable so far.
most_bay most_bay Apr 16, 2016
Intriguing prologue.  Makes me want to unravel the mystery of Romeo!