A Pirate's Life For Me; Zelink, Pirate AU (The Legend Of Zelda)

A Pirate's Life For Me; Zelink, Pirate AU (The Legend Of Zelda)

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What could be better than to have your name recognized everywhere throughout the high seas? Nothing. 

At least until your life is troubled by a stowaway squirming his way onto your ship. 

Legend of Zelda (c) Nintendo

I've been working on this plot since before I even finished Who We Are. I'm so excited for this one guys, I can't even tell you much I'm loving writing this one. 

There is a lot of action in this one, but also romance (I mean, it's a zelink, of course it has romance) soooo.... 

-- I've been getting more and more annoyed, so I'll say it here in the descriptions. Please don't swear in my comment section. If you do, I'll delete it. Hate speech, swearing, and inappropriate comments will all be deleted. 

Whoo, enjoy ;) 
Started 2/1/16
Finished 3/28/16

My eyes widened and sparkled reading this part....
                              Why do I like fighting scenes so much? ·_·
I dont know why, but I can hear a voice yelling:
                              DID YOU JUST ASSUME MY AGE?!? 
I always find thay funny..
                              "He looks pretty handsome; despite he's evil" or similar sentence.
Buahahahaha I can just imagine the look on his face 😂 Dreaded pirate captain = young woman XD
I just realized you completed this on my birthday lol XD I approve XDDDD