Arrange Marriage: Destined?

Arrange Marriage: Destined?

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Arranged Marriage: Destined?
(Book 1)
(AlDub Inspired Story - Completed)
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May 12, 2018

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Aldemar Denreich Richards - Alden Richards

"Dad! Is there any other way?! Why me? Why not the lawyers? Why not the accountants? The book keepers? WHY ME?!" My voice echoed in the library where I and my parents are talking. I don't understand. I know our businesses are booming and we are at the top of the 10 growing strong business here in the Philippines. Why do we need a merger?

"Aldemar Denreich!" My father yelled across the large desk the separates us. My mother stood up as she held his arm and motioned him to calm down. Whatever magic my mom possesses, she needs to use it - NOW.


Maisie Daine Mendoza - Maine Mendoza

"But Tatay...." The only words that came out of my mouth.

"Maisie Daine!" My father's voice echoed throughout the library as he snarled at me. I can't stand it when my dad acts like this. How many times that he has to do this to me, and every single time, it failed.

"Dad, how many times are you going to do this before you realize that I am your daughter not a peace offering or a merchandise. This is not funny anymore. It's not even cute." I snarled back at him. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad, but there's just this moments like this that I despise to be his daughter or maybe pushing it hard, I wish I wasn't his daughter.

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First published on Feb 19, 2016 
First drafted on December 27, 2015
Corcoran, CA

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JasminTarroza JasminTarroza Apr 25, 2016
wow ur story has me glued on wattpad however .... the agony of waiting hmmmm
AshleeyCaboy AshleeyCaboy Aug 06, 2016
Maganda sa start but hnd ko lang maintindihan ang name nang cast
EllenDizon9 EllenDizon9 Nov 13, 2016
OMG..My fave author of Mack & DJ's Can't fight this the author of this latest story I'm starting reading. 😄😄😄Fan mo talaga ako..
YancyMasusi YancyMasusi Mar 06, 2016
Nicomaime mendoza dei capili-maine mendoza(real name)
                              Richard faulkerson jr.-alden richards(real name)