Don't Hate Me Alpha

Don't Hate Me Alpha

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Jessie Green was your average werewolf until her parents died in a fire accident which she was the only one to see, and so, the blaming began. After her parents death the pack turned against her and started bullying her for a long period of time. Then Jessie came to the right mating age, fifteen. What happened next was something she wasn't expecting. She met her mate, but it's who her mate is that was unexpected. Her mate was the one and only Alpha's son Damien Scott. The first words to leave his mouth though was " I soon to be Alpha Damien Scott reject you Jessie Green as my mate and Luna of this pack "

With a heavy and broken heart Jessie runs away wanting to be forgotten to the world. 

A pack has saved her and were willing to train her. 

What happens when a rouge attack just so happens to attack Jessie's previous pack, well it means her current pack has to go back.

What will happen to Damien and Jessie? Will Jessie forgive him? Or will he die a lonely wolf and Jessie a joyful wolf? 

Read Don't Hate Me Alpha for you to find out


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