Don't Hate Me Alpha

Don't Hate Me Alpha

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Jessie Green was your average werewolf until her parents died in a fire accident which she was the only one to see and so people blame her for killing both of the Beta's , her parents. After her parents death the pack turned against her and started bullying her for 6 years. And then came Jessie being 15 already she can already sense her mate. But what happens is nothing Jessie expected. She met her mate, but it's who her mate is that was unexpected. Her mate was the one and only Alpha's son Damien Scott. But the real surprise is the words that left his mouth " I soon to be Alpha Damien Scott reject you Jessie Green as my mate and Luna of this pack "

And with that Jessie runs away , finds herself a new loving pack , and lots of friends. But she has to come back but now with a change.

Will Jessie forgive Damien and her brother Abel. And if so will she fall back in love with Damien? Or has he been replaced?

Read Don't Hate Me Alpha for you to find out


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