Fated To Be. (Harry Potter/ Drarry Fanfiction)

Fated To Be. (Harry Potter/ Drarry Fanfiction)

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nah By potterandmalfoy Updated Jun 07, 2013

Simply, Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are fated to be. This is a story of how it happens.

Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter(Drarry). Non-canon. Romione, other ships....

[EDIT: (24/06/2018) This is not complete and never will be. It's a bad story with bad writing; please do not read this. I'm so sorry that I never finished the story but I really never will. Thank you all for the comments but I wish I could give you back the time you spent reading this. 
*peace sign emoji* *double heart emoji*

(p.s: reading the comments in 2018 with a weird number of  vines references and other fandom references i don't get is so hilarious)]

letstalkaboutryden letstalkaboutryden Nov 27, 2017
We all know who the roomie is and may I just say you'll never be able to walk in the mornings because of what your roomie does to you at night 😏
                              THAT BOOTY KEEP BUMPIN UP AND DOWN
B--V--B-Ashes-Remain B--V--B-Ashes-Remain May 27, 2017
Hades, Lucifer, Xiphrus, Michael, Hannibal, Akin.   
                                          ~ Underworld Chronicles by rotXinXpieces
RebuildingThe4thWall RebuildingThe4thWall Mar 26, 2017
The fates suck, you wanna know why well I'll tell you. MY BROTHER SAVED THE WHOLE WORLD AND YET THEY STILL THROW HIM INTO TARTAR SAUCE AND WHEN HE SAVES THE WORLD AGAIN THEY STILL TRY TO RUIN HIS LIFE. (I'm not angry this was just some PJO fangirl shït)
CallmeDestiel CallmeDestiel Jul 02, 2017
I feel bad for her now. She's obviously upset with her brothers death, and she's just lost her only source of comfort, and is now extremely awkward around him.
KanadePikachu KanadePikachu Oct 03, 2016
Calm the f down and if you aren't forced together then what is the point of the story. I mean siriusly