The Mind Games | Wattys 2016

The Mind Games | Wattys 2016

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Hundreds of children across the country have been found to have dangerous psychic powers, scientists hypothesize this is from dangerous levels of chemicals in drinking water at crucial developmental stages.  

There are six colors. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and gray. Each color has a varying level of horrifying power. 

53 in Science Fiction 10/11/16
54 in Science Fiction 4/5/16

@immaximumride No problem! I shall say I will continue this :D
chan991222 chan991222 Apr 02
I only finshed the first chapter and I love that book!! it's so cute for a child whom is locked as a prisoner to be friend with a little tree >///<
ScarySan ScarySan Feb 19
Hey there! I'm commenting and voting on every page of your story in addition to you promoting your story on my story 'A Page To Promote Your Stories'
I love it! But one tip.
                              Expand the le vocabulary!!!!
                              K thx bye
I've always been a fan of abilities/powers. I've done something similar in my novel and I feel that it gives stories a fantastical element that is enthralling.  It's also interesting to see how these powers sync up or how they counter each other. Very nice premise!