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TerrifyinglySecret By KikoCoki Updated Dec 26, 2015

Alice Hales is constantly being bullied by the aggressive yet hot Drayce Watters since they were in elementary but suddenly Drayce changed when he had his birthday at the age of fifteen. 

"He's a monster"- Alice Hales (12 years old)
"It all started a day after his birthday two months before my birthday- he instantly changed."- Alice Hales (15 years old- two months younger)


(Just Changed the Title from Avoiding the Alpha to Drayce)

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_aurore _aurore Jun 12
Okay i'm Lucky I don't go to your high school cause I'm barely 4'9
It's good, just weird and a tad confusing... it's weird because nowadays, boys are gentlemen... or at least try to be...
weirdoagain weirdoagain Jun 24
It reminds me of 'Carrie the vengeance' with Chloe Grace Moretz
tr4lph4l tr4lph4l Jul 28
I love that everyone is just commenting how tall they are lol
Arabella393 Arabella393 7 days ago
Dude same like no matter how much I try I cannot whistle let alone make those type of noises
Why would you be okay with someone hurting you?
                              How is it even possible?
                              I mean if they would have some connection in the past
                              But here they have always had a hateful relationship 
                              At least from the girl's point of view