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TerrifyinglySecret By KikoCoki Updated Mar 26, 2017

Alice Hales is constantly being bullied by the aggressive yet hot Drayce Watters since they were in elementary but suddenly Drayce changed when he had his birthday at the age of fifteen. 

"He's a monster"- Alice Hales (12 years old)
"It all started a day after his birthday two months before my birthday- he instantly changed."- Alice Hales (15 years old- two months younger)


(Just Changed the Title from Avoiding the Alpha to Drayce)

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Cabagel1 Cabagel1 Sep 13, 2017
First of all that's not short second of all what does height even matter?
MackensieDuplantis MackensieDuplantis Aug 17, 2017
That is not friggin short! That is tall! Lol I just graduated and I was 4'11 and a half all through school. My mom and even my grandma are that height lol I'm not getting any taller
BlindedLoyalty BlindedLoyalty Oct 20, 2017
Wha? Elementary? Your too tall in that height, if theyre calling you small with frickin 5'4 then whats there height???
benz85 benz85 Dec 07, 2017
she stood at 5'4' at the age of 12 while i stood at 5' at the age of 22 *smile*
continuumxx continuumxx Apr 03, 2017
Wait what? If this is elementary school then 5'4 is really tall 😂