Somewhere  ➤ Edward Cullen

Somewhere ➤ Edward Cullen

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LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE By stuckystans Updated Oct 14

❝You are actually the worst human being that I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.❞

❝Considering that I, unfortunately, am not a human, that statement is slightly invalid.❞

      Alexander Swan was curious. It was well known to anyone who knew the boy. Some could even classify Alexander as nosey, but it was just his desire to unravel mysteries that caused this impression. Curiosity was one of the only things Alexander shared with his twin sister, Bella. Little did the Swan Twins know, their shared thirst for knowledge could soon cause their demise.

[alexander swan stand alone]

I just met Alex and I already love him so much right now ah my heart.
latte-to-go latte-to-go Jul 12
I'm so excited to read this! 😍❤️👌🏼 I already like the idea and can't wait to read the story! 😁😁
Depends on how this story goes would you turn this into an series?