Yandere! Twins X reader

Yandere! Twins X reader

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⚜ᖇEᖴEᖇEᑎᑕE ᑫᑌEEᑎ⚜ By ShyraInovejas Completed

A girl named (y/n) (l/n) that has been never treated properly by her parents from all the drugs and abuse. And she is fed up with this and decided she leaves them once and for all, when she was found she was set up for adoption and coincidentally she met some people who has taken an interest in her. But why is she crying?

(Y/n)- your name
(L/n)-last name
(H/l)-hair length
(H/c)-hair color
(E/c)-eye color
(F/c)-favorite color


  • comedy
  • fanfiction
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Amber-chan4lifu Amber-chan4lifu Jul 09, 2017
They are my new brothers... and.... they.... like..... us........... omg.....
Marichat145 Marichat145 Mar 29
Mackenzie is the name of the girl who bullies me and my friends
QueenOfReferences QueenOfReferences Feb 03, 2017
I know it was probably a spelling mistake but when it said "You thought me to!" I thought it was so cute! I just imagined a little child trying to say taught but instead saying thought.
OnlyAForgottenMemory OnlyAForgottenMemory Nov 30, 2016
I've tried millions of times but death doesn't accept me -_-
keoniskool keoniskool May 29, 2016
SHE CALLED ME TRASH WHEN SHE LOOKS LIKE....LIKE A SHOE! *tries to sashay away then falls*
HeyoItsWillow HeyoItsWillow Jun 05, 2016
Um black with white demon eyes here and there  (halp me it's a start of emo 😂)