Baby Hudson || Ryder Lynn ||

Baby Hudson || Ryder Lynn ||

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t. •HIATUS• By -Devoid Updated Dec 22, 2016

Sophie Hudson is now a sophomore at McKinley High School and being the younger sister of Finn isn't easy. Everyone always expects her to be like her brother and do so many great things. She's been in the Glee club with her brother since her freshman year, his senior year.

She grew up watching all of her closest friends grow up and get in relationships, but now it's her turn.

{I DO NOT OWN GLEE! I only own Sophie and some of her dialogue}

{starts in season 4}

  • artie
  • berry
  • evans
  • fabray
  • finn
  • glee
  • hudson
  • jake
  • lynn
  • marley
  • puckerman
  • quinn
  • rachel
  • rose
  • ryder
  • sam
  • shuester
  • sue
  • sylvester
  • william
-Starke -Starke Apr 25, 2017
Why did Marley and about everyone else got to do their whole performance, but not Jake?
xXmagconlover123xX xXmagconlover123xX Sep 08, 2017
Even tho Sebastian was an ass he still was hot!!  Grant Gustin is hot!!💜
whoisinfinity whoisinfinity Dec 28, 2016
Wait I'm confused in the title it says Baby Hudson and that Kurt is her un-bio brother but then said noticed her brother (Blaine) feels threatened um can you explain this?
camrynccoles camrynccoles Jan 10, 2017
I love how she just knew that like she could've just liked the shirt at Walmart her family didn't have to be going through a hard time
ProudToBeSarcastic ProudToBeSarcastic Jul 09, 2016
Anyone thought of Liv & Maddie when reading the word jerktourage? No? Okay, I'm just goanna go now...