Teacher's Pet (A Story of Obsession)#wattys2017

Teacher's Pet (A Story of Obsession)#wattys2017

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Emilybug7 By Emilybug7 Completed

 Christian Bale as Mr.McCoy
Amanda Seyfried as Kaitlyn Barkley
Barbara Palvin as Emma
Zooey Deschanel as Sophie
Logan Lerman as Austin
Patrick Dempsey as Detective Anderson

Kaitlyn Barkley is excited for her freshman year in high school, she gets to hang out with her friends, make new ones, and maybe even meet a guy, everything just seems perfect for her until she reaches her second period class with Mr.McCoy who seems nice maybe a little too nice. Kaitlyn thinks he's just trying to get to know his students until she notices he's only focused on her. Is she just paranoid or is he really an obsessive stalker who will stop at nothing to have her as his own.
read and find out.


McCoy is the name of a guy who used to teach at my school but was fired for sexual harrassment
Kat1737 Kat1737 Sep 01
Not yay. I hate when people are all like "I like school because I get to see my friends." Like people, if u don't hang out during summer then something is wrong with ur friendship!!! Hate school! Love friends!
This is the day I will never look at Christian Bale the same way ever again.
Kat1737 Kat1737 Sep 01
I have a block schedule where I have 4 on one day and 4 on another, but I have opens so I only have 2 on one day and 3 on the other. They are an hour and 20 minutes each tho. School usually gets out at like 1:10. But then u have "lunch". That only.. some people go to. Idk. Never went. 😂😂😂