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Shattering My Dark Heart (Gray x Reader)

Shattering My Dark Heart (Gray x Reader)

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Heyyy_Rae By Heyyyy_Rae Updated Jun 07, 2016

Team Natsu took a job request to disband a dark guild called Dark Ice. (Y/N) is Dark Ice's guild master, she's one of the many most feared dark wizards. When Team Natsu finds, and disbands, Dark Ice they question her, and also try to change her ways. They sense strong magic power from her and want her power to be used for good and not evil. 

(Y/N) was taken from her home, Dark Ice. She watched her friends getting beaten and her guild burned. She feels hatred even more than usual. But her hatred always dies down around one guy. When (Y/N) is being questioned, he acts cold toward her and she replies with the same coldness. She feels something different with him though. She feels as though she gets him. Yet, they act cold and warm at the same time toward each other. (Y/N) feels different around him, but why?

Disclaimer: I don't own Fairy Tail

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If I could I would bash their heads together...
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