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Pen Your Pride
A Very Puzzled Shipping ((ON HOLD))

A Very Puzzled Shipping ((ON HOLD))

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Meeee~! By AuthorUprising36 Updated Jul 27, 2016


Yugi is your average Japanese boy. Good grades, great test scores, high plans for the future. 

The only thing that sets him apart from the others is his unruly hair and short height. His silence isn't very helpful either. 

He's just that simple nerdy kid that plans months ahead for exams, sits in the back of class, uses every opportunity to answer a question when he can, and can't get into any team, club, group, or clique in the school, no matter how hard he tries.

Then... There's... Yami Sennen...

Yami is your typical bad boy. He's extremely sporty, laid back, and could care less for anyone much less than himself or his grades. He was also the life of the party at school. If you heard most of the gossip that went around school, it was usually pertaining to Yami:

He either dumped a girl, hooked up with another one, dumped her and went back to his ex, dumped her again, and found another victim to seduce with his fiery Crimson eyes...

OR, he trashed the coaches and announcers and scorekeeper for a game in any of the 9 million sports he was a part of.

He's the most popular in the school with the charm and wit to capture the heart of anyone at all. He also had the audacity to get himself into all the trouble he wanted, which drove Yugi crazy. But his wit and charm worked... Like a charm.

Teachers, faculty, staff, students, even members of the school board. You name it. That kid can get himself into tons of trouble and get out of it with a flex of his tan muscles and a flash from his Crimson eyes.

It makes Yugi sick.

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summer2970 summer2970 Mar 19, 2017
Don't you just hate it when you get a heatstroke one time, and everyone messes with you about it.
ChocoMochaBaby ChocoMochaBaby Mar 19, 2017
Apparently, room mates are chosen by the people who look most alike
Spy125 Spy125 Aug 13, 2017
^^^^ That's not two words. More like.... *Counts the words* 40 words, 2 emojis, 1 question mark, 6 exclamation marks, and 7 Periods.
Sea-n-star-sorceress Sea-n-star-sorceress Dec 31, 2016
Dude, you just jinxed yourself. Now it's bound to happen. 😑
unicornlovers44 unicornlovers44 Dec 13, 2016
Me:" sarcasticly" it's certainly not YAMI
                              Yugi: I HOPE SO! 
                              Me: I was sarcastic!
                              Yugi:"praying that it's not yami"
NicoleWilliamsEgderp NicoleWilliamsEgderp Jul 12, 2016
Omg I didn't even look at who wrote this- but I thought that the writing style is familiar yasssss