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Skinny Love (Dramione Fanfic)

Skinny Love (Dramione Fanfic)

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lolacc46 By lolacc46 Updated Feb 25, 2016

" I don't love you," he lied.

" And I don't love you," she lied.


Draco Malfoy. The cold hearted, ferret that almost everyone despised.

Hermione Granger. The girl who is determined to make her life perfect.

Oh yeah. And they hate each other.

Will they somehow find love when they are chosen to be Head Girl and Boy, and are forced to share a dorm? And if they do, how will others accept this unexpected bond?

Skinny love- when to people love each other, but are too oblivious to know it.

venusgab11 venusgab11 6 days ago
Wait for the future to come you will thank me later that I said to you draco because your dreams will come true trust me ;)
LostAmongDreams LostAmongDreams Sep 17, 2016
The number of votes...It was 69...Why did I have to mess it up?
                              Okay, I'll be leaving now
                              But this is a great book so far.
                              It's so hard to find good Dramione books anymore.
                              NOW I'll leave.
NathanielZAlexandria NathanielZAlexandria Oct 02, 2016
A makeover. Because it always works... I think (can someone tell me I'm not sure)
Gryffindorpitbulls Gryffindorpitbulls Aug 21, 2016
Right now im pissed at Ron for being with Lavender. I mean I don't want him to be with Hermione but Lavender is just....... Blah
MsHarte_Slythindork MsHarte_Slythindork Jul 28, 2016
Oh good, u got it through ur mind a lot faster than weasel-Bee
NoleeColee NoleeColee May 16, 2016
I love this part because so many times books just let him change because she gets, in a traditional since, attractive.
                              This shows that you can understand that he knows it is wrong, and that in his mind it is more like she took off a mask. Not put one on.